#UNPLUGGED - Taking Digital Control

#UNPLUGGED - Taking Digital Control

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#UNPLUGGED is an opportunity for young people to reassess their digital dependency and how it may impact their mental health - like a health check for their digital lives. The aim is not to ‘demonise’ social media and technology, but simply try to raise awareness of the importance of self-evaluating, and subsequently taking digital control.

The #UNPLUGGED campaign consists of a challenge that students and their families can get involved in. Participants get sponsored to see if they can spend less time on their phones/digital devices/social media channels to understand what impact it is having on their real life. There are three levels of commitment participants can choose from:

  • Full signal (7 day challenge)
  • Medium signal (5 day challenge)
  • Low signal (3 day challenge)

Participants can meet the #UNPLUGGED challenge for 3, 5 or 7 days by:

  • Not using their phone/device for anything except calls or urgent texts
  • Turning off social media notifications and moving apps to a folder not on the homepage
  • Only checking their phone for 1 hour each day
  • Not using their phone after 6.30pm

TIC+ sees young people seeking support with a wide range of issues - such as lack of sleep (22%), anxiety (82%), low self-esteem (42%), issues with school work (25%) – all of which can be exacerbated by social media and technology. It is widely accepted that there is a correlation
between poor mental health and screen time.

In 2017, a survey carried out by Stroud High School for Girls found that almost three quarters of students said they check or respond to social
media “constantly”. More than half were taking their phones to bed; and more than half of Key Stage 3 pupils said they would like to feel more in control of their use of social media. In response, Stroud High School has partnered with TIC+ on two successful #UNPLUGGED campaigns in 2017 and 2018.

Fundraising for TIC+
As a charity, TIC+ relies on grants and donations to be able to continue our work. This academic year the number of referrals taken has increased by 44% compared to the same time last year. That means that we need to raise even more money in order to cope with this huge growth in demand.

We have never turned a young person away from our service. Please help us so that we never need to do so.

To find out more, call TIC+ on 01594 372777 or email fundraising@ticplus.org.uk

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Fundraising started!
Fundraising started!

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